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Posted Jun 16, 2023

I've long been a fan of Turkish shotguns, but never before had I heard of the BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER. After doing a bit of research and browsing a variety of forums, I was drawn to this firearm due to its outstanding reviews and its unique combination of features. What intrigued me even more was that it was crafted using established CZ firearms technology and design, as well as the superior manufacturing standards of BUYUK HUGLU, giving it a distinct edge over many of its competitors.

First and foremost, the BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER is a specimen of elegant beauty, presenting its owner with a visual feast that is sure to impress. The gun’s Turkish Walnut stock provides a stunning display of vibrant colors, enhanced by smooth curves as well as rich and intricate wood grain. It’s a real pleasure to gaze upon. The overall aesthetic of the firearm is simply divine – from its polished, hard chrome-plated barrels to its brightly polished metal components with their artistically engraved floral design. It’s no wonder that many folks hail this gun as the “quintessential Turkish over and under shotgun.”

In terms of shooting performance, it’s easy to see why this gun is highly prized by both experienced and novice shooters. It is exceptionally smooth and consistent in operation, with very little felt recoil. The two triggers are crisp and responsive, enabling the shooter to fire with precision and confidence. The gun’s excellent balance makes it a joy to wield, and its low profile receiver, tubular fore-end, and rounded pistol grip provide an ergonomic shooting experience.

The BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER also comes with a number of advanced features which truly set it apart from the competition. It features a mid-rib, which helps to lessen muzzle flip, as well as providing an effective anti-glare surface. The rib is made from Rhinodur, which is a steel alloy renowned for its strength and durability. The gun also has sling swivels, which are perfect for carrying the gun with a shoulder or fanny pack. The safety mount ensures that the gun is securely locked in place when it is not in use.

The BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER also boasts a number of innovative design features, which make it an incredibly safe and secure firearm. It has an automatic safety disengage feature, which ascertains that the gun cannot be accidentally fired when it is cocked and someone unfamiliar with its operation attempts to fire it. It also boasts a cross-bolt safety, which instantly engages when the gun is cocked and allows for a quick and simple transition from one firing mode to the next without the use of tools.

The BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER is a highly advanced firing system, featuring a high-tech trigger system which enables the shooter to adjust the trigger pull. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with varying ammo types, as it allows for an optimal trigger pull for the specified load. In addition to this, the trigger system also comes with a blade trigger guard, which prevents accidental discharge and striker release.

In terms of value for money, the BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER is simply unparalleled. It is an excellent choice not only for experienced shooters but also for novice shooters who are looking for a quality firearm at a more-than-reasonable price. Its advanced features and modern design mean that it can easily handle most shooting applications with ease. With a build quality that is truly unrivaled, the BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER is easily one of the best value-for-money firearms on the market today.

To sum it up, the BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER is an exceptional gun which showcases a number of unique features and advanced design elements that combine to create a superior shooting experience. These features come together to provide an incredibly safe, secure, and reliable firearm, making it ideal for both experienced shooters and novice alike. The quality of the BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER is second to none, offering incredible value for money that truly cannot be matched. If you're looking for an impeccably crafted and impeccably designed over and under shotgun, the BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER should be top of your list.

Pros & Cons


• It is crafted from high-quality Turkish walnut wood, offering enhanced durability and better sound quality.

• It is a semi-automatic shotgun, which means the user can quickly load shells and fire without manually cocking the firearm.

• This shotgun offers a unique cushioning system and is lightweight, making it comfortable to shoot.

• The design is stylish and the areas of the gun are machined for a more optimized fit.

• It is low-maintenance and corrosion resistant, due to its chrome-plated parts.


• This shotgun is one of the more expensive models on the market and can be out of reach for some shooters.

• The red front sight can be challenging to use and may need to be upgraded to a fiber optic sight.

• The choke tubes that come with it are not particularly effective for tight shooting groups.

Who Should Buy

BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER is a high-end shotgun that was designed with the experienced shotgunner in mind. As such, it is best suited for an experienced shooter who is looking for a reliable, high-performance shotgun. This shotgun is not suited for novice or recreational shooters. It is too expensive for a beginner and it is too complex for a recreational shooter. Experienced hunters, competitive shooters, and long-range shooters should be the primary target for those looking to invest in this shotgun.

12 Gauge12 and 20 Gauge12 Gauge.410 Gauge
28” Barrel28” Barrels30” Barrels26” Barrel
Single Selective TriggerSingle Selective TriggerSingle Selective TriggerSingle Trigger
Walnut StockWalnut StockOil-rubbed Walnut StockTurkish Walnut Stock
Auto EjectorAuto EjectorAuto-EjectorsManual Ejector

Features / Specs

•Chamber: 3"

•Action: Boxlock

•Barrels: 28"

•Chokes: Multi

•Stock Style: Pistol Grip

•Features: Automatic Ejectors, Detachable Trigger Group

Popular Accessories

The most popular accessories for a BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER shotgun include: choke tubes, recoil pads, cleaning supplies, optics, and slings.


The BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER is a smooth-shooting shotgun that boasts exceptional accuracy. The design of the barrel features a carefully milled re-crown, plus the chamber is finished with a special process that creates a smooth bore that gives tighter shot patterns. It also has a polished trigger that ensures a crisp and consistent break. Tests conducted by CZ US, (the US-based parent company of the brand BUYUK HUGLU) revealed that the BUYUK HUGLU CZ REDHEAD PREMIER consistently and reliably shoots with a pattern of between 75 and 80 percent with shots ranging from 25 to 50 yards. This makes it a great choice for hunting, competition and recreational shooting alike.

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