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Posted Jun 16, 2023
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The Kimber 8400 Classic is one of the best hunting rifles on the market. With its unforgettable good looks, perfect balance and accuracy, and highly effective features, the 8400 Classic is sure to make your hunting experiences even more rewarding.

For starters, the Kimber 8400 is a fine example of exceptional craftsmanship. It has a wooden stock with a high gloss finish and checkering to give it a classic feel. The metal parts also have a highly polishes finish to ensure not only good looks but also durability. The rifle also features a vented rib on the barrel to help with cooling and a sleek muzzle brake for reduced recoil.

The Kimble 8400 is also an excellent choice for accuracy. Its match-grade heavy barrel is free floating, meaning that any bumps or jostles won't affect the rifle's accuracy and stability. It also features a single-stage trigger for crisp and predictable break. The trigger itself is adjustable for both pressure and release, making it perfect for any shooter.

Aside from just looks and accuracy, the Kimber 8400 is packed full of great features for hunting. The rifle features a detachable magazine for easy reloading and a three-position safety at the top of the receiver. It's also equipped with express sights and a muzzle brake for reduced felt recoil. The stock also comes with dual sling swivels for easy transport. All of these features combined makes the 8400 an excellent choice for all kinds of hunting activities.

The 8400 is a great investment for any hunter who is looking for a reliable, accurate, and durable rifle. Not only does it look great, but it also balances perfectly and hits its mark with precision. Its features are also all tailored for hunting with its adjustable trigger, express sights, and muzzle brake. The detachable magazine also makes reloading a breeze.

In my opinion, the Kimber 8400 is one of the best hunting rifles on the market today. Its combination of good looks, perfect balance, and highly effective features make it a great choice for any hunter. It's sure to provide many years of enjoyable and rewarding hunting experiences.

Pros & Cons


  1. High accuracy and reliability: The Kimber8400 Classic is a high-quality rifle that has been well designed and rigorously tested to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  1. Wide selection of calibers: The 8400 offers a wide selection of calibers from .223 Remington to .300 Winchester Short Magnum. This allows shooters to choose the best caliber for their particular needs.
  1. Dependable action: The 8400 has an action that is smooth and dependable. This makes it easy to shoot accurately.
  1. Durable materials: The gun is made from high-grade materials and has been designed to last. This durability ensures it will be an asset in the field for many years.


  1. Cost: The 8400 is a high-end rifle and can be quite expensive.
  1. Complicated takedown process: The 8400 has a somewhat complicated takedown process that may be intimidating for some shooters.
  1. Barrel may be too short for some shooters: The 8400's short barrel may be too short for some shooters, making aiming difficult.

Who Should Buy

Anyone who is looking for a reliable hunting rifle with superior accuracy, dependable action, and classic look should consider buying a KIMBER 8400 CLASSIC. It may be a bit expensive for casual shooters, however, so they may want to opt for a less expensive model. Those who are interested in target shooting or competition shooting might also want to consider other options.


Features / Specs

• Overall Length: 42.5”

Popular Accessories


The most popular accessories for a Kimber 8400 Classic rifle include a scope, a bipod, a muzzle brake, a tactical sling, a carry handle (Picatinny style), a laser/light combo, a carrying case, and replacement magazines.


When it comes to accuracy, the Kimber 8400 Classic is one of the best performing handguns on the market. This semi-automatic centerfire rifle is incredibly accurate at any range, with sub-mole center groupings possible at 100 yards. Its ability to remain as accurate as possible, even after being put through its paces, is one of the many reasons why this gun is beloved by hunters. Whether you're shooting a squirrel from 20 yards or a deer from 200 yards, the 8400 Classic will make sure your shots are on target.

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