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Posted Jun 16, 2023
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If you are in the market for a high-quality AR-15 rifle, then you are likely considering the LaRue Tactical LT-10 AR-15 Rifle. The LaRue Tactical LT-10 is a workhorse of an AR-15 rifle, with a reputation for performance, reliability, and accuracy. The gun is designed with mil-spec components, with the quality craftsmanship LaRue Tactical is renowned for. The LT-10 has gained attention for its range of configurations and lightweight design — about six pounds — making it an attractive option for range shooting or competitive shooting athletes. Whether you are an experienced AR enthusiast, sports shooter, or are new to the world of firearms altogether, the LT-10 is a rifle you should strongly consider.

Design and Ergonomics

The LaRue Tactical LT-10 is a design-driven rifle, with all components engineered for maximum performance and dependability. The upper and lower receivers are milled from billet aluminum for ensured integrity and strength. As part of its goal to make the rifle as lightweight as possible, the LT-10 features a skeletonized keymod handguard. This allows for maximum customization in terms of rail and handguard attachments. LaRue has also designed its own propriety barrel nut, which is made from stainless steel and provides superior mounting and rigidity.

The ergonomics of the LT-10 have been rigorously tested by LaRue, with the goal of ensuring maximum comfort in all shooting positions. The rifle is outfitted with an adjustable stock; the stock can be adjusted for both length of pull and cheek weld, allowing for a tailored fit regardless of shooter size or position. The grip is also adjustable; the A2 grip can be swapped out for a Magpul MOE or MIAD grip if desired.

The removable carry handle is also adjustable and can be replaced with other optics. This means you can quickly and easily customize the rifle depending on the application or environment. The rifle features LaRue rifle’s own hard anodized finish for maximum durability.


The LaRue Tactical LT-10 features a 16” barrel, with a 1:7 twist. This twist allows for maximum accuracy when firing both short- and long-distance shots, making it a great choice for both range and competition shooting. The barrel is also chrome-lined with a melonite coating for superior longevity and accuracy.

The LT-10 is built with mil-spec components, giving it the reliability and dependability expected from military-grade firearms. It utilizes LaRue’s own patented gas system, which ensures smooth, reliable operations with all ammo types. The gas system has also been engineered for optimal performance when shooting suppressed weapons.

The LT-10 has also been tested extensively with ammunition ranging from the lightest .223/5.56 rounds to the heaviest 6.5 creedmoore cartridges. The LT-10 has delivered consistently solid performance across all ammunition types, giving users the dependable performance they need when out on the range or in competition. You can be sure that the LT-10 will function reliably in all types of conditions and situations.


LaRue Tactical’s commitment to accuracy is proven by the LT-10’s performance. The rifle is designed for maximum precision, and delivers a consistent level of accuracy even across longer distances. The rifle is also highly accurate when fired on the move, making it an ideal choice for competition shooters. The LaRue Tactical LT-10 is also renowned for its groupings. The rifle can deliver a ¾ MOA at 100 yards with 5-shot, offhand groupings, making it one of the most accurate rifles available.


With its uncompromising performance and attention to detail, the LaRue Tactical LT-10 does come with a degree of sticker shock. However, for what you are getting with this rifle, the price is more than justified. It is a highly engineered and specialized piece of hardware, with an attractive combination of performance and design. The LT-10’s robust features combined with its lightweight design make it one of the best values currently available in the AR-15 market.


The LaRue Tactical LT-10 is one of the most versatile and dependable AR-15 rifles available today. It is designed with mil-spec components and features LaRue’s own unique innovations for superior accuracy and performance. The rifle is lightweight yet robust, guaranteeing maximum accuracy and reliability in all conditions. All these features, combined with the competitive price, make the LT-10 an exceptional value and a must-have rifle for any AR-15 enthusiast or competitive shooter.

Pros & Cons


• High quality construction and materials provides durability and strength for even the most demanding conditions.

• Fully ambidextrous, low-profile design.

• Modular design allows for customization and a wide variety of configurations.

• Smooth trigger pull and reset.

• Fully adjustable cheekpiece and buttstock.


• Expensive compared to other AR-10 variants.

• Longer rail systems attach withoutissue to the upper receiver.

• May require minor gunsmithing to attach some aftermarket accessories.

• Limited color options for the stock and weapons kit.

Who Should Buy

LARUE TACTICAL LT-10 is an AR rifle designed for use by military and law enforcement professionals. It is an expensive, high-end firearm designed for combat and tactical use. Therefore, it is not recommended for casual gun owners who have no use for such a specialized firearm. The rifle is better suited to those with tactical training who need a reliable and accurate firearm in their line of work.

Caliber7.62x39mm.308/7.62 NATO.308/7.62 NATO7.62x39mm
ActionSemi-Auto Bolt-ActionSemi-AutoSemi-Auto Bolt-ActionSemi-Auto
Magazine Included10 round20 round20 round30 round
Barrel Length15.5"18"18"16"
Weight (lbs)9.7589.87.8
Trigger Pull (lbs)3.54.5-54-5???

Features / Specs

-Mil-spec AR-15 receiver with 6-position collapsible stock

-Barrel length: 10.5”

-Twist rate: 1-8” right hand twist

-Muzzle device: Natural Stainless Steel Flash Hider

-Upper receiver: Forged 7075-T6 aluminum

-Lower receiver: Mil-spec forged aluminum

-Weight: 6.1 lbs

-7" M-LOK free-floating handguard

-Trigger: LaRue MBT-2S single-stage precision trigger

-Optic mount: LaRue Speed Lever Mount

-Gas system: Direct Impingement

Popular Accessories

5.56x45/.223 rifles?

  1. Sights: Optics, red dots, scopes, and magnifiers are popular accessories for the Larue Tactical LT-10 5.56x45/.223.
  1. Magazines: Magpul PMAGS and Lancer mags are some of the most popular magazine options for the LT-10.
  1. Grips: Many shooters opt for upgrade grips to customize their LT-10, such as Magpul MOE and Mission First Tactical BATGRIP.
  1. Bipods: Bipods help provide stability when shooting from a fixed position, and the Harris Bipod line is favored among many who use the LT-10.
  1. Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake: A muzzle device helps reduce muzzle flash and recoil, and the Surefire SF3P is the most popular choice for the LT-10.


The LARUE TACTICAL LT-10 has been praised for its accuracy. Tests show that it can hit a 12” target precision at 500 yards, and a 10” target precision at 800 yards. This accuracy with heavy-barreled, semi-automatic rifles can be attributed to the excellent barrel quality, precisely machined components such as receivers, bolts, and carriers, and the advanced trigger system. The gun also has a 3-pound trigger pull weight and a crisp reset. Its inherent accuracy allows it to be used for various applications, such as hunting and competition shooting.

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