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Posted Jun 16, 2023

Without a doubt, the POF P-308 rifle tried to raise the bar when it comes to popular .308 hunting rifles. Boasting impressive features such as a high performance gas piston operating system, this modern sporting rifle is built for precision shooting and extreme reliability.

The AR-10 style rifle is made with high quality materials, and the construction is solid. The P308 is chambered for 7.62 NATO/.308 Win ammunition and comes equip with a 16.5 inch Nitride heat treated barrel with a 1 in 10 twist.

The barrel features a robust Armordillo Extreme Duty 5R rifling, and is made from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel. The lower receiver is machined from a lightweight, forged 7075 T6 aluminum and is designed to accept standard AR-15 grips and stocks. The receiver is topped off with an M-Lok compatible 12-inch free-float rail that gives you plenty of space for mounting sights and other accessories.

The rifle has an adjustable gas system that allows the shooter to fine-tune the recoil to their liking. This gas system also works in tandem with the addition of a sound suppressor, allowing the firearm to run with minimal noise.

The trigger is definitely a highlight of the P308, with POF claiming it is a 4.5 pound single-stage drop-in design that is matched for improved accuracy. We are happy to report that the trigger pull is indeed very light and smooth.

The finish of the barrel is a black nitride finish, which provides excellent corrosion and wear resistance. The overall finish on the P308 gives it an aggressive, black-ops look.

On the range the P308 performed nicely. The overall fit and finish was solid, with no apparent flaws in the construction. We were able to adjust the gas system into the sweet spot and fire sub MOA groups at 100 yards with both factory and hand-loaded ammunition. Recoil was comfortable and predictable, and we noticed the rifle is designed to help even the most inexperienced shooter become more accurate.

This AR-10 style rifle is certainly not cheap, with the starting price at $1,799.95. However, compared to other similar rifles, you're getting a great quality rifle for the money.

Overall, we have been very impressed with the POF P-308 rifle. It’s a perfect blend of precision, accuracy, and reliability. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a hunter, the P-308 is a great choice.

Pros & Cons


  • Quality components and reliable performance
  • Versatile platform that can use both .308 Winchester and 7.62 NATO ammunition
  • Suitable for precision shooting and competition shooting
  • Lower recoil than other rounds such as .223 and .308
  • Durable construction with nitride coated components
  • Detachable 10 round magazines available


  • May be difficult to find spare parts if needed

-More expensive than other rifles in the same class

  • Longer barrel length which can compromise maneuverability in tighter spaces
  • Heavyweight limits ease of transportation

Who Should Buy

The POF P-308 is a precision, semi-automatic, AR-10 style rifle designed for competitive shooters, hunters, law enforcement personnel, and private shooters alike. It should be bought by anyone looking for a reliable rifle that combines accuracy and power in one package.

On the other hand, people with limited knowledge of firearms and limited understanding of firearms mechanics should avoid purchasing this rifle. As an expensive and complex rifle, it can be too much of a burden for newcomers who don't have the experience and knowledge to properly maintain and use it.

Caliber.308 Winchester/7.62 NATO.308 Winchester/7.62 NATO.308 Winchester7.62x39mm
Barrel Length20"16"18"16.5"
Twist Rate1:101:101:101:10
Weight8.3 lbs9.2 lbs8.4 lbs8.2 lbs
Magazine Capacity20 round magazine17 round magazine20 round magazine30 round magazine
Gas SystemDirect Impingement With Regulated Gas SystemDirect ImpingementGas-PistonGas-Piston

Features / Specs

• Caliber: .308 Winchester/7.62x51

• Barrel Length: 20 inches

• Twist Rate: 1 in 10

• Weight: 8.5 lbs

• Stock: Magpul PRS Gen 3

• Receiver Type: Billet 7075-T6 aluminum

• Handguard: 15” M-LOK rail

• Gas System: POF-USA P-308 E2 Extraction Technology

• Trigger: POF-USA 4.5 lb. Drop-in Trigger

• Finish: Cerakote Elite Legion Gray

• Muzzle Device: Three-port muzzle brake

Popular Accessories


Popular accessories for the POF P-308 rifle include optics such as scopes, red dots, and holographic sights, bipods, spare magazines, slings, mounts, aftermarket triggers, and a variety of flash hiders and muzzle brakes. There are also various stocks available from aftermarket manufacturers and other customization options to improve the overall performance and accuracy of the rifle.


The POF-USA P-308 is a precision rifle which manufactures rifles with an accuracy of up to 1 MOA on average. This accuracy is achieved by using quality components combined with a proprietary roller-cam gas piston operating system, which reduces the amount of vibration at the point of impact to a minimum. In addition, a CNC-machined receiver provides precise tolerances, while the timbre bedded and free-floated barrel system ensures consistent accuracy. Finally, POF-USA triggers are among the most reliable available on the firearms market today. All of these features make the POF-USA P-308 an incredibly accurate and reliable rifle.

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The Surprising POF P308 [Full Review]

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