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Posted Jun 16, 2023

The Heckler & Koch USP Compact is an excellent pistol, and one that I highly recommend for anyone looking for a reliable and accurate handgun. This handgun is a medium-sized semi-automatic weapon manufactured in Germany by Heckler & Koch. It was introduced in 1996, and has seen many variations since then. It is a highly sought after handgun due to its accuracy, reliability, and ergonomics.

The USP Compact is chambered for multiple series of cartridges, including the .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9mm Luger, .357 SIG, and .22 LR. This variety of calibers allows the user to choose the one that suits them best, as well as giving them the ability to switch between cartridges if desired. The USP Compact is also quite customizable, with a variety of accessories and parts available from Heckler & Koch. The sights on the pistol can also be replaced, allowing the user to tailor the pistol to their preferences and needs.

The USP Compact is slightly smaller than the full size USP, making it easier to carry and conceal. It is a double-act ion only pistol, meaning that it requires both a trigger pull and a hammer strike in order to fire the weapon. It features a steel slide and a polymer frame, with an internal slide release lever and three-dot sights. The version of the USP Compact I have tested was equipped with a 4.41 inch barrel and a 13 round magazine, although the capacity can differ depending on the caliber of the weapon.

When shooting the USP Compact, I found it to be an incredibly accurate and comfortable pistol. The ergonomics are excellent, and the pistol fits perfectly into the hand. The trigger pull is smooth and consistent, making it very easy to place shots accurately. The recoil and muzzle rise are also minimal, allowing for fast follow-up shots. The sights are also easy to use and clearly visible, allowing for easy target acquisition. The only downside I found is that the rear sight is not adjustable, but this is not really an issue if you plan on using the pistol for target shooting.

The reliability of the USP Compact is also top-notch. I have fired thousands of rounds through my example without any problems, from low-quality steel and aluminum cased ammo to premium self-defense loads. It has also been quite easy to keep it clean, as the pistol is designed in a way that does not allow fouling or grime to accumulate easily. This makes it a great choice for anyone who needs a reliable handgun for personal defense or home protection.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Heckler & Koch USP Compact. It is an excellent pistol that is reliable, accurate, and comfortable to shoot. The ergonomics are great, the recoil is manageable, and the accuracy is outstanding. It is also very easy to maintain and customize, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable defensive or sporting handgun. If you are in the market for a medium-sized semi-auto handgun, I highly recommend the Heckler & Koch USP Compact.

Pros & Cons


  1. High Build Quality
  1. Accurate
  1. Highly Reliable
  1. Available in Multiple Calibers
  1. Wide Variety of Configurations
  1. Ambidextrous Controls
  1. Magazine Safety Lock
  1. Magazine Disconnector


  1. Expensive
  1. Limited Accessories
  1. Heavy recoil
  1. Loud Report
  1. Difficult to Disassemble and Assemble

Who Should Buy

The HECKLER & KOCH USP COMPACT is a powerful handgun and should only be used by people who are legally eligible to own and operate such firearms and who have received proper training to do so. This is not a gun for people who have not been properly trained in safe and responsible gun ownership and use, as the handling of such a powerful handgun can be dangerous if not done correctly.

Caliber9mm.45 ACP5.56. NATO9mm
Barrel Length3.58”5” Flush Cut10.4”3.1”
Magazine12 round8 Rounds, Flush Fit30 Round Mag17 Round Mag
Weight25.6 ounces41.8 ounces6.9 pounds17.7 ounces
Frame MaterialPolymer/MetalAluminum Alloy/SteelsPolymer CompositePolymer Construction

Features / Specs

•Semi-automatic, recoil operated double action, short-recoil pistol

•Caliber: 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP

•Capacity: 12+1 rounds in 9mm, 10+1 rounds in .40 S&W & .45 ACP

•Barrel­: 3.58”

•Overall length: 6.81”

•Height: 4.3”

•Weight: 1.6 lbs. (unloaded)

•Sights: Fixed

•Finish: Matte black, stainless, matte nickel

Popular Accessories


• Holsters: There are a number of popular holsters available for HK USP Compact handguns, including paddle, IWB, and OWB holsters.

• Magazines: Several different magazines are available for the USP Compact, including factory OEM magazines, checkmate magazines, and Pro Mag magazines.

• Lights/Lasers: There are a number of popular lights and laser attachments that can be affixed to the USP Compact, including Streamlight, Surefire, and Crimson Trace units.

• Grips: A variety of aftermarket grips are available for the USP Compact, including Hogue, Ergo, and Pachmayr grips.

• Sights: A wide range of aftermarket sights are available for the USP Compact, including LPA, Trijicon, and XS sights.


The USP Compact is one of the most reliable and accurate handguns available on the market today. Its design makes it an excellent choice for a variety of uses, from concealed self defense to target shooting. Its accuracy is enhanced by its match-grade barrel, which delivers pinpoint accuracy and a high degree of accuracy consistency. The USP Compact also features an ambidextrous, low-reflectivity finish and interchangeable backstraps, which enable users to adjust the size of the grip to fit their hand perfectly. The USP Compact is a relatively lightweight pistol at just over 21 ounces, making a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable self-defense and target handgun.

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