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Posted Jun 14, 2023
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The Ruger SR22P is a highly versatile semi-automatic handgun, designed for personal defense, recreational target shooting, and competitions alike. It features a lightweight, polymer frame and is chambered in the popular and versatile .22LR caliber.

First and foremost, the Ruger SR22P is unbelievably accurate. Despite the lightweight construction, the Ruger SR22P is incredibly capable of tracking tight shot groups. This is a direct result of the clean, crisp single-action trigger, which has a pull weight of varying between 4 to 6 pounds. This shooter-friendly trigger presents an ideal platform for accuracy, as well as creating a pleasurable shooting experience. The slide features an immaculately designed shell deflector, which has been constructed with the precision necessary to reduce any harmful gas expelled from the chamber as a result of rapid fire. The sights on the gun are quite basic – a three-dot system of adjustable, fiber-optic rear sight and a ramp front sight.

The Ruger SR22P also places high value on its safety features. All of its controls were thoughtfully placed in ideal positions that are easily accessible with either hand, as well as to maximize control and promote a safe shooting environment. Its magazine release, slide release, and manual safety are placed in the left side of the gun, even if the shooter is right-handed. It also features an ambidextrous magazine release, allowing it to be used by left-handed shooters as well. The gun also features an internal lock, which should be used by all shooters to ensure that the gun never falls into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, the Ruger SR22P is comfortable to shoot, even for those of us with smaller hands. Its grip is composed of a soft, textured rubber material which not only serves to reduce felt recoil, but also gives us a solid hold even when our hands are sweaty. It is also compatible with numerous accessories, such as laser sights, tactical lights and grips. The gun comes packaged with two 10-round magazines, but can also use numerous magazines from other manufacturers, such as the Magpul PMAG, offering endless customization potential.

In conclusion, the Ruger SR22P is an ideal choice for any shooter looking for a reliable semi-automatic pistol that is accurate, safe, and versatile. Its lightweight polymer frame, crisp single-action trigger and adequate safety features make it an ideal choice for home defense, target shooting, and especially competition shooting. The Ruger SR22P is an advanced pistol and should not be overlooked by any serious shooter.

Pros & Cons


• Reliable and durable.

• Very accurate.

• Ergonomic grip design.

• Easy to use and disassemble.

• Ambidextrous safety.

• Adjustable sights.

• Lightweight.


• Limited capacity magazine.

• Higher than average price point.

• May not be suitable for a variety of scenarios and components.

• Thumb safety may be hard to reach.

Who Should Buy

RUGER SR22P is a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol. It is lightweight and affordable, making it an excellent choice for target shooting, plinking, and small game hunting.

Those who should buy the RUGER SR22P include those looking for a lightweight, affordable semi-automatic pistol for target shooting, plinking, or small game hunting. The gun is easy to use and maintain, making it ideal for first-time gun owners.

Those who should not buy the RUGER SR22P include those looking for a more powerful, long-range weapon, such as a rifle or shotgun. The SR22P is not suitable for defensive or concealed carry use, as it does not offer adequate stopping power and lacks features such as external safety and a slide lock. Additionally, due to the caliber size, it may not be suitable for large game hunting.

10 rounds9 rounds30 rounds
17.5 oz38.4 oz7 lbs

Features / Specs

• Made by Ruger

• Stainless steel slide

• 3.5” barrel

• Polymer frame

• Fixed front and rear sights

• Manual safety

• Tip-up barrel for easy loading

• Reversible magazine release

• Single and double action

• 10 round magazine

• Adjustable three dot sights

• Weighs 17.5oz unloaded

• 4.5 inch long sight radius

• Approximately 5.5 pounds trigger pull

• Length 6.40 inches

Popular Accessories


  1. Magazine Extension – Allows extended capacity magazines to be used on the SR22 pistol
  1. Threaded Barrel Adapter – Allows for the use of a silencer or muzzlebrake on the SR22 pistol
  1. Charging Handle – Allows for easier chambering of ammunition.
  1. Extended Magazine Release – Allows for a larger surface area for releasing the magazine.
  1. High-Capacity Magazine – Holds up to 30 rounds of .22LR
  1. Grip Extensions – Increases handling performance of the pistol
  1. Extended Magazine Ejector – Allows for easier magazine ejection.
  1. Batteries for Laser Sight – Powers the laser sight on the SR22 pistol.
  1. Tactical Light – Increases visibility in low-light conditions.
  1. Laser Sight – Enhances accuracy during nighttime.


The Ruger SR22P is an incredibly accurate pistol, with an effective range of up to twenty-five yards. The gun is equipped with adjustable sights and the trigger pull is crisp and adjustable to suit the shooter. The bolt-action system on this gun is easily managed and its design provides excellent accuracy. Additionally, the gun’s frame and barrel are steel-reinforced and highly durable. This combination makes the Ruger SR22P one of the most accurate and reliable guns you can find.

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