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Posted Jun 16, 2023
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The FN 509C TACTICAL offers a taste of reliability and accuracy you can trust from any FN product. Designed as an EDC (everyday carry) pistol, the FN 509C TACTICAL offers a unique combination of great ergonomics, dependable accuracy, and affordability.

The FN 509C TACTICAL pistol is the product of extensive testing, research, and development. Its construction is based on the veteran FN 509 frame with the added addition of a 4.5-inch cold hammer-forged stainless steel barrel that is threaded for 1/2-28 UNEF suppressors and other muzzle devices.

The FN 509C TACTICAL's ergonomics possess the normal injection-molded polymer grip and frame construction found in most polymer-framed handguns. It has a textured grip that allows for secure purchase even in the moistest of hands and is offered in two variants: black or flat dark earth.

The 30-millimeter fixed stainless steel sights offer shooters a good sight picture and a crisp sight alignment. The sights are adjustable with a set screw and offer a large, easy-to-see fiber-optic sight picture. Additionally, the FN 509C TACTICAL has an ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release for added convenience.

The biggest benefit of owning an FN 509C TACTICAL is that it has proven reliable in harsh environments, especially those with sandy or dusty conditions. For the most part, the FN 509C TACTICAL has proven itself to be incredibly reliable and without many issues. This is a testament to FN’s commitment to quality control and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, the FN 509C TACTICAL is incredibly accurate. It features a precision-machined barrel and stainless steel slide that gives the gun a great circumference. The barrel is also fluted for greater accuracy. The FN 509C TACTICAL is not a competition gun and the accuracy it offers is more than adequate for personal defense applications.

For the price, the FN 509C TACTICAL is an excellent choice for a sidearm. You won’t find many handguns with such great ergonomics, accuracy and reliability at this price point. Although the gun is predominantly constructed of polymer, the grip and frame are ergonomic and comfortable and the overall quality of the handgun is good.

In terms of maintenance, the FN 509C TACTICAL is relatively easy to clean and maintain. The stainless steel slide and frame helps to make the overall process simpler and more efficient. The pistol can also manage heavy use without too much of a problem.

The only area the FN 509C TACTICAL falls short in compared to other EDC handguns is its magazine capacity. On paper, it is able to hold 17+1 rounds of 9mm, which is one round less than other handguns on the market such as the Glock 19 and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. On the plus side, its shorter barrel and grip length help to make it more concealable.

Overall, the FN 509C TACTICAL is a fantastic choice for those looking for a reliable and accurate EDC handgun. Its no-nonsense construction, reliable performance and accuracy make it a great choice for home defense, concealed carry, or even as a backup duty/competition pistol. The affordable price and great ergonomics also makes it an attractive option for those looking for a quality duty/carry gun without breaking the bank.

Pros & Cons


  1. Reliability: The FN 509C Tactical has been tested to perform to stringent military standards and is renowned for its outstanding reliability.
  1. Ergonomic Design: The FN 509C Tactical has a lightweight polymer frame that fits comfortably in your hand with its various ergonomic features, including interchangeable backstraps.
  1. Long Sight Radius: The FN 509C Tactical features a 5.5-inch long slide and sight radius for increased accuracy when aiming.
  1. Ambidextrous Controls: The FN 509C Tactical has ambidextrous controls, making it suitable for both left and right-handed shooters.
  1. High-Capacity Magazines: The FN 509C Tactical has a 17-round magazine and also accepts higher capacity 24 round magazines.


  1. Low Capacity Magazine: The standard 17-round magazine of the FN 509C Tactical may be too small for some users.
  1. High Price: The FN 509C Tactical is a premium duty pistol and is priced significantly higher than some other firearms in its class.
  1. Heavy Trigger Pull: The FN 509C Tactical has a long and heavy trigger pull, which can be difficult for novice users to master.

Who Should Buy

The FN 509C TACTICAL is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and capable handgun for self-defense and range use. It's well-built and designed for hard use, so it would be a great choice for people who are interested in competitive shooting, law enforcement, or military applications. It's a great all-around handgun and its features make it suitable for most any situation. However, because of its size and complexity, it may not be the best choice for a first-time handgun owner. It is also not the best choice for anyone looking for a lightweight or easily concealable handgun.

Caliber9mm45 ACP5.56mm NATO
Weight26.4 oz43.4 oz7.15 lbs
Barrel Length4.5"5.5”14.5"
Trigger pull5.6 - 7.8 lbs3.5 - 5 lbs5.6 - 7.8 lbs
Magazine Capacity17 + 17 + 130 + 1
SightsOptics ReadySingle Rear SightAggressive Quad Rail

Features / Specs

• Full-Size 9mm Pistol

• Optics-Ready Slide

• Striker-Fired System

• Weight of 27.9 oz

• 4.5" Cold Hammer-Forged Threaded Barrel

• High-Visibility Sights

• MIL-STD-1913 Accessory Rail

• Ambidextrous Slide Release

• Numbered Slide Stop Levers

• Interchangeable Backstraps

• Textured Grip that is Both Stippled and Ridged

Popular Accessories


  1. Training Barrel
  1. Trijicon RMR Optic Mount
  1. Suppressor Height Sights
  1. Extended Magazine Release
  1. Slide Cover Plate
  1. FN 509 Magazine Extension
  1. Front Accessory Rail
  1. Red Dot Sight
  1. Threaded Barrel
  1. Tactical Light/Laser Combination


The FN 509C Tactical was designed and developed with a focus on accuracy. This high-end 9mm pistol is designed with accuracy in mind, utilizing all of FN's advanced trigger systems. The main feature of its accuracy is the flat-face trigger that has been precisely machined and polished for a smooth and consistent pull. The trigger pull also features FN's patented Low Profile Optics Mounting System, which provides a seamless installation of popular brands of optics with no clunky adapters. It also offers improved shooting accuracy due to its consistent 5.5-inch barrel and also the 3-dot luminescent sights. With an advertised accuracy between 2-3 inches at 25 yards, the FN 509C Tactical is practically guaranteed to deliver superior accuracy on the range.

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